The current business landscape is a complex, volatile, uncertain place and sales professionals face enormous pressures from their organisation and customers to continue to achieve growth. I can see how the traditional skills and strategies that I employed with my organisation’s sales forces for a decade now look increasingly outdated. And how the fast-paced techniques that I used to negotiate and close deals no longer fit the levels of complexity that salespeople face on a daily basis. Today’s situation has raised some big conflicts between my personal values and my professional roles and I have been inspired to seek out ways of developing business that go beyond the traditional approach. Working with successful and not so successful leaders has helped me learn that: it is no longer enough to upgrade the old skillsets -  the best sales people have transformed their whole way of thinking and acting to become masters of value ex-change.

June ( 16-17th) , 2016

Transformational Selling

How to grow your sales capacities to become a master of value ex-change.


with Jason Harrison, UK Executive Coach and former Head of Strategy at



Jason is an Executive Coach and Organisation Consultant who has worked in a variety of commercial and consulting roles. He has a passion for working with clients to achieve practical results through exploring alternative ways of thinking, feeling and acting.  He has a broad experience of business development in his career that has included selling pharmaceutical products for Johnson & Johnson, developing investment cases for business transformation with Cap Gemini, and delivering senior-level strategic consulting services with PA Consulting.  As Head of Strategy at Pfizer, Jason created innovative approaches to partnering with customers and led an approach to repair the reputation of the entire industry.  As a business consultant, he designed and delivered an account based selling development program for a global pharmaceutical company that focused on how to engage with customers in a more mutual way.

In assistance with:


Irena Pranskeviciute is a transformational coach, organization consultant and conflict facilitator with vast leadership experience from banks to orphanages.  Executive Master of Business Administration at Stockholm School of Economics in Riga, Master of International Communication of Vilnius University with diploma work on Management of International Conflicts is deeply engaged with peaceful negotiation models such as Harvard Law School Program on Negotiations.  Certified trainer for Structogram® training system and Collaborative Developmental Action Inquiry and GLP frameworks. International training and business coaching experience – 12 years. Working geography: Sweden, Norway, UK, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia.

With this workshop I invite you to explore a shift in traditional ways of thinking about sales:


  •  from customer need to context awareness
  •  from sales transactions to value transformations
  •  from sales techniques to building mutual trust
  •  from tactical actions to systemic focus
  •  from delivering perfect offers to mutual emotional engagement (happiness!)


The programme will expose you to a number of modern practical frameworks that will open new and broader capacities for the development of salespeople:


  •  advanced interpersonal skills - coaching, action inquiry, dialogue, storytelling, listening
  •  new ways of segmenting customers into different ‘action logics’
  •  seeing, experiencing and influencing the ‘system’
  •  rational, emotional and social approaches to value ex-change
  •  new metrics and measures for mutual emotional engagement
  •  holding and transforming the colliding perspectives between company and customers;
  •  team practices that can generate a value ex-change culture.

I recommend this seminar for sales professionals who work with complex tasks, sales managers.



Price: 250 EUR